London Job Vacancies Up Six Percent

Job vacancies in London are up 6 percent from the previous year, the June 2015 London Recruitment Index indicates.

6,522 job vacancies were registered, this is compared to 6,179 recorded in May 2015. Much of this activity can be attributed to opportunities within the private sector as businesses bring on board senior talent on a project basis to facilitate future growth.

Demand has been particularly high for contractors to fill technology and digital roles as businesses invest in ‘future-proof’ systems and tools to aid efficiency, productivity and stakeholder communications.

This activity is in line with wider market confidence, with official figures showing that the UK economy I growing faster than projected, and the GfK/KPMG consumer confidence index reporting levels not seen since the 1990s. This demand is mirrored in the rates these professionals are currently commanding. developers with experience in PHP programming are currently earning up to £350 a day, and IT Service Managers making in excess of £600 a day.


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