Recruitment Advertising: Why Print Still has a Place

With just weeks to go now until entries close for next year’s RAD Awards for recruitment advertising, we look at how the medium of print still matters.

“The rate of decline has not been as rapid as some predicted,” says Julie Towers, managing director for the recruitment arm of Penna, referring to claims five or ten years ago that print job advertising would die off completely. “We still buy £25 million worth of media, it’s just that the mix has changed.”

In fact, rather than disappearing off the radar, Towers argues that print recruitment advertising has simply reinvented itself as a key component in mixed recruitment campaigns.

“It’s rare we’ll do a press only campaign now,” she adds. “It’s more likely to be a press-based teaser and a complementary microsite or job listing. Media companies have picked up on this as well, and tailor their offers accordingly.”


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